The World Needs You!! Don’t be surprised to find out that the world needs what you’ve got. So many entrepreneurs are earning substantially into their domiciliary accounts by offering sort after contents from Africa – Learn how to be An African Merchant… By Adekunle Onasanya There is an abundance of natural products in Africa – Ranging from healthy foods to natural beauty products, herbal extracts, artefacts, mineral resources, agricultural produce to mention but a few.The
About Air Freight This blog contains insight into air freight. Here at Netcargo, we specialize in delivering logistics solutions – air, sea and road freight By Adekunle Onasanya Air freights covers the moving of goods, unaccompanied, by plane – usually for urgent deliveries, or products which are very expensive to produce, though there are restrictions on what can be safely and legally transported using air freight. There are several different choices when it comes to
Our Digital Strategy So much to contend with in the space of less than a year.  We however are turning our services around for the better as we had to think on our feet. New challenges demands new solutions.  By Adekunle Onasanya The last 10 months has been very challenging to say the very least.In most areas, we excelled, we however fell short in some areas.However, you endured with us during the most crucial time


Posted by Bayonle Oyewole on  June 15, 2020
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Are You Ready For The New Normal? There will be a new normal during and after COVID-19, are we all ready?We have come up with ways to keep you braced up for the challenges ahead. By BAYONLE OYEWOLE WHY BRACE UP POST COVID-19? Now that the Federal Government of Nigeria has eased lockdown, businesses will gradually pick up but the way businesses are done will change forever. Are you ready for the ‘new normal? We
Packing For Export. There are lots of blogs about packing for export, International travels checklist, etc. We have put together, top tips to bear in mind when processing items for export and or when travelling internationally. By BAYONLE OYEWOLE We have been assisting importers and exporters successfully ship their cargo for over 15 years . With our extensive experience in all areas of international trade, we have found more often than not that the mostly

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