Collections in UK & Europe. We have daily collections (Mon-Fri) from all over London. These collections are made using the services of our collection partner. Our collections costs £25.00 . You must be available from 11am until 5pm on the agreed collection date. By Dekunle Onas The packages must be on the ground floor waiting for the driver. Please note, the driver will simply collect your packages without weighing or measuring them. Do not give
Shipping by Seafreight A step Step By Step Guide for Sending Goods By Sea Freight using Less Than Container Load (LCL). By Kunle Onas This guide provides you with details about how shipping by sea (sea freight) works. Shipping by sea involves the transportation of goods across the ocean from a place of origin to a place of destination. We have provided you with detailed information needed to choose the correct shipping option with greater
Your Excess Baggage Shipping your excess baggage just got easier using our worldwide delivery services. We are the preferred option when it comes to cost-effectiveness, stress-free and expedited deliveries to worldwide destinations. By BAYONLE OYEWOLE Excess baggage is always a painful cost to bear when travelling abroad by plane. Discover how you can save and experience a Hassle-Free delivery service using our excess baggage services. For over 15 years going, we’ve assisted a wide range

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