Netcargo Digital Strategy – 2021
NETCARGO asks - Will BREXIT Affect You??

Netcargo Digital Strategy – 2021

Our Digital Strategy

So much to contend with in the space of less than a year.  We however are turning our services around for the better as we had to think on our feet. New challenges demands new solutions. 


By Adekunle Onasanya

The last 10 months has been very challenging to say the very least.
In most areas, we excelled, we however fell short in some areas.
However, you endured with us during the most crucial time and we promised to take on board all your positive comments.

Steps we have taken so far:
– Expanded our sales force to accommodate swift responses.
– Introduced a new vibrant team to handle Customer Services.
– We opened a new freight facility in Europe to handle and facilitate freight orders originating from Europe.
– Implemented a new Front-End to ease access to our services – We are going DIGITAL.

We shall but Live..

Covid-19 will not stop us in our tracks. We all are learning to keep safe whilst still getting along with living life to the very fullest.
Shop the world from the comfort of your home or office – What best way to maintain social distancing?  Hassle-Free International Deliveries arranged from all over the world, courtesy of our subsidiary Meykaya UK.

Will BREXIT Affect You?

No-deal-Brexit, what does it mean for you and your transactions from Europe? As a specialist export mover from the world back to Nigeria, we have taken further steps to assist facilitate freight and trade from Europe back to all states in Nigeria.

Steps we have taken to date:
– We opened a new division in Europe – The Netherlands, to accommodate and handle freight orders originating from Europe.


With so much changes around the world, we have had to adapt to the dynamics of our industry.  To continue to facilitate a seamless freight and delivery service, we have taken bold steps and invested more in deploying a digital strategy we strongly believe will enhance our service offerings to all our customers. 

First and Foremost We Listened to Your Feedbacks

We got a lot of things right considering the challenges we faced. However, we fell short in some areas.  Where we were slow to respond, we have now invested in creating a more vibrant team, trained and equipped with a dynamic digital communication channels.

From your very first freight enquiry, right through to operations and customer services, modern tools are in place to handle and process your freight orders in a more timely manner – At Lightning Speed if you like.  We aim to reach our customers on the communication platforms they are most prevalent on – Messenger, WhatsApp and Email. Social platforms even, for our customers who loves their Facebook and Instagram sessions on the fly.

Stay Safe and Maintain Safe Distancing

Covid-19 is real, we cant all over emphasise this fact. Everyone of us has to do our very own part by adhering to our Government’s Covid guidelines, maintain a higher degree of cleanliness and continue to promote and maintain social distancing. 

What better way to maintain social distancing than having to order for your needs online from the comfort of your home or office. With no barriers to International Trade coupled with a range of transaction services from our subsidiary – Meykaya UK, Shop online from the world over and experience a Hassle-Free Delivery service to your door, nationwide in Nigeria. 

Brexit and the challenges it poses to freight orders originating from Europe.

As if we did not have enough to contend with, BREXIT raised its ugly head – From the begining of January 2021,  orders originating from Europe but transhipping through UK now attracts duties and taxes. This is causing untold hardships and to mitigate such hassles, we have gone ahead to establish our operating divison in Europe – The Netherlands.

We henceforth, receive and process all freight orders originating from Europe into our European division, for onward delivery to Nigerian ports. Kindly reach out to our sales team to discuss your freight requirements – OUR COMMUNICATION CHANNELs:


Sales Team WhatsApp: +447760353774

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