Netcargo Excess Baggage Services
Different types of luggage - Excess baggage handling through our distribution centre.

Netcargo Excess Baggage Services


Your Excess Baggage

Shipping your excess baggage just got easier using our worldwide delivery services. We are the preferred option when it comes to cost-effectiveness, stress-free and expedited deliveries to worldwide destinations.



Excess baggage is always a painful cost to bear when travelling abroad by plane. Discover how you can save and experience a Hassle-Free delivery service using our excess baggage services.

For over 15 years going, we’ve assisted a wide range of our customers to deliver their personal belongings from UK to worldwide destinations and by so doing, also enabling our customers to avoid paying costly fees for excess baggage as charged by the airlines.
No matter where you need your excess baggage to go, we ensure a smooth, reliable, and efficient service for delivery of excess baggage to countries around the world.


Whether you’re travelling, going on holiday, moving to another country, or are studying abroad, we’ve assisted people from all walks of life with our excess baggage services. As you’re probably aware, excess luggage or baggage can be anything from an extra holdall of essentials, right through to a Golf Course Kit. You can even utilise and save money from excess baggage services on items that don’t exceed airline weight guidelines but are too bulky to safely or conveniently transport. Airlines such as Virgin Atlantic can charge £85 for a bag weighing between 23-30kg, whereas bags over 30kg must be shipped separately as a cargo order. Netcargo International offers excess baggage service for a fraction of the airline cost.
No matter where you want to send your baggage, Netcargo International eliminates the stress, cost and issues of dealing with airlines. With our excess baggage service, there is no item too large or too heavy, as we can help find the best shipping solution for your needs and budget. As well as saving money, our customers also use our excess baggage service so that they can have the peace of mind that their package is being delivered reliably and on-time to their chosen destination. We can even arrange it so that your baggage is picked up from your door before being delivered directly to the address of your choosing, thanks to our special door-to-door excess baggage service.

When using our excess baggage service, we try and make things as easy as possible for our customers, so there are a few things that you need to do before we pick up your packed excess baggage or luggage.

First and Foremost are Your Labels

Whether you’re sending packages, luggage, or boxes abroad, each and every item must be marked with the name and address of the recipient – The Consignee.
More so, all handbags, luggage box and holdalls should have the appropriate labels attached before we come and collect them.
It’s also worth remembering that all items should be locked and or sealed before we begin the delivery process.

We can wrap your goods for you

For those that are concerned for the welfare of their goods, we can also offer an additional wrapping service at just £5 per package.
Using black plastic shrink-wrap, after completing wrapping, the material strengthens and waterproofs your packages while also offering total privacy from the outside world.
We also offer a range of fillings during Export Packing so that the items within your packages are safe from movement during the delivery process.

Request for a free quote

If you’re interested in our excess baggage services, you can receive a free and no obligation quote by checking out our Get a Quote page, or if you have any questions with regards any of our services, please contact us here.

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