Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers By Sea Freight

Netcargo International is one of the UK’s independent shipping companies and freight forwarders offering bespoke sea freight services. With more than 15 years’ expertise handling sea freight deliveries to worldwide destinations, we have along the way, developed strong working relationships with all the leading shipping lines and their agencies.

We offer a sea freight service to almost every country in the World as long as the country’s cities and towns has a recognised customs sea port.  For those countries where we are confident in our ability to efficiently customs clear and deliver locally, we extend our sea freight service to a hassle-free door to door service.

For people with very urgent and time critical shipments where time is of a major factor, we offer a air freight service.  Listed below are some reasons to consider using our sea freight services:


Sea freight delivery services are the fastest and most convenient method to send heavy and out of gauge freight orders overseas. 

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